Amstel Gold Race and Amstel Gold Race Ladies Edition 2020 cancelled

Valkenburg, September 30, 2020 – The Amstel gold Race and Amstel Gold Race Ladies Edition will not be held on October 10. The three organizing municipalities and the South Limburg Safety Region have decided this due to the newly announced national measures, where it clearly states no public is allowed to attend sports matches.

„The past months have been very intensive. The COVID-19 pandemic caused the organization of the Amstel Gold Race to be very complex. We have worked hard to make the Amstel Gold Race Corona proof. In recent weeks it has become clear that a route through South Limburg, with passages in ten municipalities, was unfeasible. That is why we have shifted our focus and carefully worked on a new plan with a smaller circuit of 16.9 kilometres. The course and the area around the course would be closed to the public to prevent crowds and to guarantee a 1.5-meter distance. On Monday we were fully prepared to make this known to the world, but the new measures announced by the cabinet later that evening meant that the plans had to be revised again. With the condition „no public“ it became an almost impossible task. From Tuesday morning, we consulted with representatives of the Security Region and the municipalities. In their final deliberation, the mayors determined that they could not guarantee a public free race. To our regret, the security region came with a decision and needless to say we cannot do anything else but respect this decision However, we look forward to return next year with a fantastic race“, according to Leo van Vliet, race director of the Amstel Gold Race.

Jan Schrijen, mayor of the municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul responds on behalf of the three organizing municipalities and states the following: „Until last Monday, we were 95% convinced that the Amstel Gold Race could continue with a closed course. Due to the new measure, sporting events can only take place without an audience. The three municipalities and the Safety Region have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to organize the Amstel Gold Race, even on a closed course, without spectators. Residents and holidaymakers staying in the area cannot be denied entry. And that means that there is no guarantee that the course will be public free.It is extremely unpleasant for the organization, which, together with the municipalities and the Safety Region, have done everything to ensure that the Amstel Gold Race proceeds safely.“