Bundesliga at BiketheRock Heubach: Brandl triumphs in classic Race

Max Brandl of Team Lexware Mountainbiking was able to win the U23 race of the Bundesliga Classic BiketheRock, Georg Egger finished 6th. Junior Rider David List just missed the Victory and finished second.

„I didn’t want to come in Second for the third time in a row“, Brandl commented his result after having won the finish over Milan Vader from the Netherlands. In the second lap, Brandl was some 15 seconds behind Vader and Jack Compton from New Zealand after a 1.2 kilometer Downhill. „I made two stupid mistakes and had to re-adjust my handle bar“ Brandl explained. But one lap later, Brandl was already back in touch with the leaders. And during the following 4,06 kilometer lap, the student from Freiburg attacked his opponents. Brandl: „I didn’t expect to really be able to escape, but I wanted to give it a try.“ On the rather flat part of the course, Vader and Brandl were reducing the pace, which allowed Wout Alleman to catch-up. Entering the final lap, Alleman did not succeed, when trying to escape. Brandl was more successful. He attakced just before the Downhill and reached the Singletrail first. „I wanted to be on the safe side and let nobody pass“, Brandl explained his thoughts. This worked out and the 19-year-old passed the finish line first in 1:12:16.

Egger not at 100 Percent

Georg Egger (Obergessertshausen) came in 1:46 minutes behind. He was happy for his colleague and congratulated him. With respect to his own race, Egger summarized with mixed feelings: „Due to last weeks‘ weather, I changed my program. Apparently this didn’t work out, though I am not unsatisfied. Rank six on a course that is not really fitting me, is really okay.“ Luca Schwarzbauer, who came in 16th (+4:17) was more critical with his own performance. „The training was really going well until Thursday, but from then on, I felt worse every day. I really missed power on the pedal. It seems I did not find the right mixture of hard training and recovery.“ Lars Koch suffered from a flat tire at the very beginning, but was able to fight back from Position 72 and finish 43rd (+8;27),just one second behind teammate Vinzent Dorn (Kirchzarten). Dorn complained: „I really have a good feeling when I’m doing my training, but this was just another disappointing race.“

Juniors: Bad luck for David List, but still a second place

David List did not look happy in the finish area. He knew that his performance might have been good enought to win. Therefore, a second place, 26 seconds behind Swiss Joel Roth (58:28) was not easily acceptable for him. The reason, why List wasn’t able to get into the duel with the Swiss Rider, was some misfortune right after the start. After only 200 meters, the Lexware Rider from Friedrichshafen had to stop because a chain drop. He then started an incredible catch-up from the back of the field of 60 riders. After the first of four laps, he was already in the fourth position, but he was not able to reach leader Joel Roth in the remaining part of the race. „It certainly would have been a different race, when I were able to stay with Roth from the very beginning.“ But who knows: Jannick Zurnieden was keeping up with Roth at the beginning, but soon fell behind. „My legs were a catastrophe,“ Zurnieden commented after finishing 17th (+5:19).

No Marathon for Bettinger

Matthias Bettinger had to withdraw his start at the Marathon in Houffalize due to steadiness problems.


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