Nils Politt feiert in Bremen gemeinsam mit Kenny De Ketele seinen ersten Sechstagesieg!

Nils Politt feiert in Bremen gemeinsam mit Kenny De Ketele seinen ersten Sechstagesieg! Im Finale erwies sich das Duo am stärksten und verwies Theo Reinhardt/MORGAN KNEISKY und Marc Hester/Andreas Graf auf die Plätze.

Foto: Gerhard Plomitzer
Endstand nach der 6. Nacht (Dienstag)

1 Kenny De Ketele (BEL) / Nils Politt (GER) 0 314
2 Theo Reinhardt (GER) / Morgan Kneisky (FRA) – 1 307
3 Andreas Graf (AUT) / Marc Hester (DEN) – 1 254
4 Wim Stroetinga (NED) / Nico Selenati (SUI) – 1 224
5 Tristan Marguet (SUI) / Maximilian Beyer (GER) – 2 242
6 Moreno De Pauw (BEL) / Leon Rohde (GER) – 3 177
7 Oliver Wulff Frederiksen (DEN) / Moritz Augenstein (GER) -16 215
8 Henning Bommel (GER) / Roy Pieters (NED) -17 104
9 Moritz Malcharek (GER) / Melvin van Zijl (NED) -30 106
10 Joshua Harrison (AUS) / Hans Pirius (GER) -31 105
11 Bryan Boussaer (BEL) / Stephen Bradbury (GBR) -34 125
– Luca Felix Happke (GER) / Felix English (IRL)

Nils Politt going deep and WINNING !

Two nights ago, in Bremen, Nils Politt indicated yet again that he is a powerhouse on the rise, WINNING the Six Days alongside pal Kenny De Ketele – with a bang!
We talked to Nils about this experience and the significance of it:

ISN Media: Congrats, man.
Nils Politt: „Thanks. It was hard but very satisfying.“
ISN: Was it your first win on the track?
Politt: „Yes. I raced the Six Days twice before in 2015 and 2016, but this is my first win.“
ISN: We admit that we know very little about the Six Days concept. You might very well be our very first rider to take it on…
Nils: „It is indeed very different from your day to day road racing. You are racing every day full gas. You start at 8 pm and finish after midnight, and then you are expected to start six times every night with various disciplines of racing. From 500 meters to following a motorbike at full speed for 45 minutes, and also an Elimination round.“
ISN: It sounds like fun. In a funny way..,
Politt: „Actually, it is. But you’ve got to get used to it. I had a pretty hard time to get into the groove in the first two nights because your body is not ready going so deep, especially in the 45 minutes race in this early stage of the season. But I had a great partner with Kenny. He is very experienced, has already won 17 times. And after the second night, I was much more comfortable.”
ISN: And then that fear of being eliminated.
Politt: „Yes, it is stressful. But actually, we got stronger and stronger. We were holding onto second place in the first few days, but before the last evening, we were already moving into first, so it ended perfectly with that victory.“
ISN: It seems like you found a way to get into shape pretty early.
Nils: „I must admit that the first month of the season’s preparation went perfectly.
I had a great training camp in Israel, another one in Mallorca, then getting into a fast and deep mode in the Six Days which you can never do in training – and now I am about to start the final team training camp in Mallorca.“
ISN: Then it’s finally real-time road racing.
Nils: „Exactly. I will race two or three days to test my legs, so there you go. The season is almost here. I am definitely excited.“