Communications during the 2013 Tour de France

In the upcoming Tour de France we will be aiming to bring the team as close as possible to the media and fans. We will send out daily race quotes from our riders and coaches, and any news will be communicated via press release. We have also designed a dedicated Tour de France Press Guide containing additional info.An important factor in this Tour de France is our sprint train, called the Team Argos-Shimano Express, a group of dedicated individuals united by a common goal – achieving success as team. The Team Argos-Shimano Express was built step-by-step trough our 1t4i principles, with each component a critical part of the whole. To show how we prepared our team for the Tour de France, we created some videos, which can be found on our website or YouTube channel. If you are interested in using any of our video content, please contact us.

View the videos:

On our team website, we will publish daily previews, reports, results and InsideOut features on the team. The dedicated Tour de France page features the Tour de France Guide, which includes previews, interviews with our riders and coaches, infographics, and background info on the team. For fans there is also a downloadable image of the Team Argos-Shimano Express that can be used as desktop wallpaper or a phone background. Fans can also subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest updates on our team via e-mail.

View the dedicated Tour de France page:

Next to the official website we have just released our new iPad app. You can follow the team during the Tour de France right from your iPad.

Download the app in the App Store:

We are also encouraging our fans to get out on their bikes during the Tour de France with the “Ride your own TDF” competition. To compete, fans must become Team Argos-Shimano Strava club members, so we can track the kilometers. The male and female members with the most kilometers will win a workshop with one of the Team Argos-Shimano Express riders.

Check out the Team Argos-Shimano club:

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