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Buongiorno from GranPiemonte

Bilder oder Fotos hochladen
The first part of the race passes through the Langhe, famous for its traditional wines (most notably Dolcetto d’Alba and Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba); the hazelnuts of the Langhe and the white truffles of Alba.

The Province of Cuneo is called the “Granda”, due to its remarkable territorial extension. The course runs into Alba, the historical and economical capital of the Langhe, on the right hand side of the Tanaro river, which offers a beautiful landscape of hills rich of vineyards. The historical centre has characteristic medieval structure with plenty of towers and Romanic-Gothic monuments (the City Hall, the Duomo, St. John’s Church). The blessed (Beato) Giacomo Alberione (1884-1971), native of Fossano, founded in Alba the Pauline Editions (Edizioni Paoline). Beppe Fenoglio (1922-1963) was a writer and partisan, from very close to Alba. The Bagna Cauda is a typical dish of Astigiano and Langhe made with garlic, olive oil and anchovies.

This world-renowned wine producing area, especially known for Asti Spumante, is also famous for the historical Palio event – among the oldest in Italy – held in September and ending with a bareback horse race. The second part is in the Monferrato, a land famous for wines such as the Spumante of Asti and the Barbera of Monferatto.

Casale Monferrato
Roman Municipium, the town was the most important centre in the area. After a period of decadence, due to the fall of the Western Roman Empire and to the barbarian invasions, it became a free town. Later, it was part of the Gonzaga domain, who built one of the biggest and most prestigious European citadels. In the 17th and 18th centuries it was disputed between the French and the Spanish; during the Italian Risorgimento was a defensive bulwark against the Austrian empire. After Casale and Trino (famous for the former electronuclear power plant Enrico Fermi, one of the biggest in the world during the 1960s) the route runs across the lowland in the area of the paddies; Arborio rice is named after a village not far from Vercelli.

In Covaglià there is an recently restored „cromlechs“ megalithic circle. The course touches Viverone Lake in the foothills of the Serra Morenica, an important resource for birdlife and fish.

The course passes by Ivrea, the „capital“ of Canavese, an important city for history, culture and activities such as the famous Carnival. The Castle of the Three Towers – built in 1357, entirely in brick – is the emblem of the city and was also mentioned by Carducci. Ivrea is linked to the name Olivetti. The Giro d’Italia had its finish line here in 2013, witnessing the Spaniard Benat Intxausti’s victory.

Castellamonte’s name reflects its shape at the foot of the hill, in a horseshoe shape, with the medieval Castle dominating the scene from above.

The present structure of the charming Ozegna medieval castle dates back to the fifteenth century. Ozegna was the finish of the 15th stage of the Giro d’Italia 1976 (Varazze-Ozegna), when the Belgian Rik Van Linden beat his compatriot Patrick Sercu and Marino Basso.

Agliè is a small town of the Canavese, with an agricultural economy. In the past it was the seat of a famous silk factory, of a weaving factory and also home of a Olivetti factory, where the famous „Letter 22“ typewriter was produced. The imposing Ducal Castle (12th century), site of this race’s finish line, was the summer residence of the Savoy family. Agliè is the origin of the Savoy family and the place where the poet Guido Gozzano (1883-1916, a member of the „crepuscular current“) spent his holidays, at the Apple Orchard villa.

Television images of the GranPiemonte NamedSport will be distributed to a total of 73 countries. RAI will broadcast a one-hour highlights show on RAI Sport 1, starting from 19:00. Highlights of the race will also be offered by beINSports (in France, in the US, and in the Middle East and North Africa region), ESPN (in South America, Brazil and the Caribbean), TDN (in Mexico and Central America), Fox Sports (in Australia), Sky Sports (in New Zealand), DAZN (in Japan), True Visions (in Thailand) and FPT Telecom (in Vietnam).


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