Team Argos-Shimano: Vertragsverlängerungen für Degenkolb, Geschke, Dumoulin and Kittel

“We’re delighted to confirm the re-signing of a number of key Team Argos-Shimano riders,” said general manager Iwan Spekenbrink (NED). “Ours is a long-term project, and we’re committed to helping our riders grow and develop both individually and together as a team. We have full confidence that these riders will continue to find success within the context of our way of working.”

John Degenkolb (contract ending 2013; extended by 3 years, through 2016)

“I feel at home and very comfortable in this team,” said Degenkolb, who came to the team in 2012. “It’s great to see how everyone really works together and sacrifices themselves for a common goal, building toward the future of cycling.”

Spekenbrink commented, “John is a very talented rider – he’s not only fast in the sprints but also promising in the classics. He wants to get the most out of his career, and he knows that he has full support and many opportunities in our team.”

Simon Geschke (contract ending 2013; extended by 3 years, through 2016)

Geschke said, “I am glad to stay with the team for another three years. I started my career as a professional in 2009 and I really grew up with this team. It’s great to see where the team is now, and it was clear to me that I wanted to continue to be part of it. We spoke already early in the season about my future. When my new contract ends I will be 30, so it was an important contract for me. It’s great to have security for three more years now.”

“Simon has been a member of our team for a long time,” stated Spekenbrink. “It’s great to see how he has progressed step-by-step, resulting in great performances in the Ardennes classics and the World Championships this year. He’s a symbol of our way of working, and he’s an all-round rider, able to sprint, climb and time trial.”

Tom Dumoulin (contract ending 2014; extended by 1 year, through 2015)

Dumoulin said, “The reason I signed for another year is that I see many opportunities in this team in the future. The team gives me freedom and support in the races where I can get results, which is an ideal situation for a young rider. Of course, I am also looking forward to supporting the team as much possible as we work to achieve our goals together. I feel very comfortable here. It’s a great group of people, and that’s really important to me.”

“Tom has made significant progress in the past two years,” said Spekenbrink. “He’s one of the greatest Dutch talents. He is an all-round rider but will focus on developing further as a specialist in time trials and stage races.”

Marcel Kittel (contract ending 2014; extended by 2 years, through 2016)

Kittel said, “I am very happy that we can keep on working together for the next three years. The team has given me the best environment to keep developing as a rider and a person. As a sprinter, I feel that I have the best support around me to help me achieve more great results in the future.”

“Marcel started his professional career in our team,” said Spekenbrink, “and he has developed into a top sprinter and a great ambassador for Team Argos-Shimano. He works well with everyone on the team, and we aim to keep progressing together in the future.”

The team will bid farewell to Francois Parisien (CAN), who will be leaving the team at the end of this year for personal reasons; and Patrick Gretsch (GER), who will ride for AG2R La Mondiale next season.

Yann Huguet (FRA) has decided to retire from professional cycling at the end of this year. Huguet has been a valuable helper in the past few years. He joined the team in 2010 and won the Hel van het Mergelland that year. He finished the Tour de France in 2012.

Team Argos-Shimano would like to thank all three riders for their contributions to the team and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

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