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André Greipel 🦍 unites cyclists around the world for ALS charity

June 3, 2020: World Bicycle Day

André Greipel proudly announces his world bike day activation in support of his charity “Fight Against ALS”. Working in partnership with Strava, Greipel has created the “Ride Around the World” STRAVA challenge with the goal to clock up the kilometres together to circumnavigate the world in a single day.

Foto: Gerhard Plomitzer
“For the past few years I have been raising awareness to support the much needed research for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). There is still no cure for this deadly disease. And like COVID 19, this disease knows no borders. Every person diagnosed is in the high risk group during this pandemic. During our mission on June 3 we want to make a big impact in worldwide awareness of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Get on your bikes, share snapshots on social media and even show the world how many kilometres you have done.”

Kjell Carlström, General Manager of Team Israel Start-up Nation is proud to have his team riders involved in projects like this, collaborating with partners and driving publicity for charitable causes: “It’s great that riders use their status and public profile for promoting charities and specific researches. We at ISN are proud of André (Greipel) and are excited to support his world bike day initiatives and help him raise money for ALS research.”
To support André, KATUSHA sports has created a limited edition line of cycling apparel: Greipel Fights ALS, currently available for pre order. 15% of all kits sold will go directly to the research of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). On June 3rd you can get 10% discount on the ‚Greipel Fights ALS‘ kit by partaking in the Strava Challenge.

“A few weeks ago we had this idea and I felt a tingling sensation in my stomach. We talked about the idea in the family, with friends, the ISN team and partners. It quickly became clear to us that we have to do this because the bicycle is a very special and connecting invention. Thanks to the team at KATUSHA and also to all Strava users worldwide and to Paul, representative of the Strava team. We all have a common goal, we want to make a difference. The campaign still has a lot of potential and therefore the World Bike Day is on June 3 and the following 4 days a big appointment in my calendar!”

Find more information and details about ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and how to support the #FightAgainstALS on Andre’s website.
Join us on June 3 and support the mission.
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