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Women’s Tour Down Under – Etappe 1

1. Etappe: Hahndorf – Macclesfield (116,3 km)
1 Chloe Hosking (Aus) Rally Cycling 3:17:02
2 Lotta Pauliina Henttala (Fin) Trek – Segafredo 0:00:00
3 Matilda Raynolds (Aus) Specialized Women’s Racing 0:00:00
4 Gracie Elvin (Aus) Mitchelton – Scott 0:00:00
5 Peta Mullens (Aus) Roxsolt Attaquer 0:00:00
6 Leah Kirchmann (Can) Team Sunweb 0:00:00
7 Liane Lippert (GER) Team Sunweb 0:00:00
8 Lauren Kitchen (Aus) Fdj Nouvelle – Aquitaine Futuroscope 0:00:00
9 Arlenis Sierra Canadilla (Cub) Astana Women’s Team 0:00:00
10 Alexis Ryan (USA) Alé BTC Ljubljana 0:00:00
11 Simona Frapporti (Ita) BePink 0:00:00
12 Tatiana Guderzo (Ita) Alé BTC Ljubljana 0:00:00
13 Silvia Zanardi (Ita) BePink 0:00:00
14 Tanja Erath (GER) Canyon//Sram Racing 0:00:00
15 Juliette Labous (Fra) Team Sunweb 0:00:00

1 Chloe Hosking (Aus) Rally Cycling 3:16:51
2 Lotta Pauliina Henttala (Fin) Trek – Segafredo 0:00:04
3 Leah Kirchmann (Can) Team Sunweb 0:00:06
4 Matilda Raynolds (Aus) Specialized Women’s Racing 0:00:07
5 Gracie Elvin (Aus) Mitchelton – Scott 0:00:08
6 Brodie Chapman (Aus) Fdj Nouvelle – Aquitaine Futuroscope 0:00:08
7 Nina Kessler (Ned) Team Tibco – Silicon Valley Bank 0:00:09
8 Anastasiia Chursina (Rus) Alé BTC Ljubljana 0:00:09
9 Juliette Labous (Fra) Team Sunweb 0:00:10
10 Peta Mullens (Aus) Roxsolt Attaquer 0:00:11
11 Liane Lippert (GER) Team Sunweb 0:00:11
12 Lauren Kitchen (Aus) Fdj Nouvelle – Aquitaine Futuroscope 0:00:11
13 Arlenis Sierra Canadilla (Cub) Astana Women’s Team 0:00:11
14 Alexis Ryan (USA) Alé BTC Ljubljana 0:00:11
15 Simona Frapporti (Ita) BePink 0:00:11



Key points:
 The six stages of the 11th edition of the Tour of Oman will be raced from February 11th until the 16th.
 As they ride through the capital Muscat and the surrounding area, riders will make the most of the varied terrains the Sultanate has to offer, from the seaside all the way up to Jabal Al Akhdhar.
 The peloton will tackle the iconic Green Mountain for the 10th time in the history of the race.

The peloton and the Tour of Oman are ready to join their forces again with the 11th edition of the event to be held in the Sultanate in February. The riders will be based in the capital Muscat and explore the surrounding area with six stages from February 11th until the 16th. With a total of 911 kilometres of racing, the route highlights the variety of terrains and landscapes of the Omani territory.
The first stage will start from the inlands, in Rustaq, whose iconic castle dates back to the 12th century. The finish in Muscat is set in front of a symbol of modernity, the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre, with a finale that always inspires attackers. The scenery will dramatically change with 170km along the seaside on stage 2, all the way to Suhar, where sprinters have a strong chance of battling it out for the win.
The long stage to Qurayyat and the much shorter one leading to the Ministry of Tourism should favour the punchiest riders looking to evaluate their form ahead of the Spring classics. The mightiest challenge of the 2020 Tour of Oman awaits the peloton on day 5, with the ascent up Jabal Al Akhdhar. The climb, known as “Green Mountain”, features on the route for the 10th year in a row. Stage 6 will also feature an usual setting with the traditional finish on the shimmering Matrah corniche.
2020 route Tour of Oman:
 Tuesday, February 11th, 1st stage: Al Rustaq Fort > Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre (138 Km)
 Wednesday, February 12th, 2nd stage: Naseem Park > Suhar “Al Bahri Road” (167.5 Km)
 Thursday, February 13th, 3rd stage: German University of Technology > Qurayyat (190.5 Km)
 Friday, February 14th, 4th stage: Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex > Ministry of Tourism (120 Km)
 Saturday, February 15th, 5th stage: Samail > Jabal Al Akhdhar (Green Mountain) (150 Km)
 Sunday, February 16st, 6th stage: Al Araimi Boulevard > Muttrah “Al Bahri Road” (144.5 Km)

Nils Politt feiert in Bremen gemeinsam mit Kenny De Ketele seinen ersten Sechstagesieg!

Nils Politt feiert in Bremen gemeinsam mit Kenny De Ketele seinen ersten Sechstagesieg! Im Finale erwies sich das Duo am stärksten und verwies Theo Reinhardt/MORGAN KNEISKY und Marc Hester/Andreas Graf auf die Plätze.

Foto: Gerhard Plomitzer
Endstand nach der 6. Nacht (Dienstag)

1 Kenny De Ketele (BEL) / Nils Politt (GER) 0 314
2 Theo Reinhardt (GER) / Morgan Kneisky (FRA) – 1 307
3 Andreas Graf (AUT) / Marc Hester (DEN) – 1 254
4 Wim Stroetinga (NED) / Nico Selenati (SUI) – 1 224
5 Tristan Marguet (SUI) / Maximilian Beyer (GER) – 2 242
6 Moreno De Pauw (BEL) / Leon Rohde (GER) – 3 177
7 Oliver Wulff Frederiksen (DEN) / Moritz Augenstein (GER) -16 215
8 Henning Bommel (GER) / Roy Pieters (NED) -17 104
9 Moritz Malcharek (GER) / Melvin van Zijl (NED) -30 106
10 Joshua Harrison (AUS) / Hans Pirius (GER) -31 105
11 Bryan Boussaer (BEL) / Stephen Bradbury (GBR) -34 125
– Luca Felix Happke (GER) / Felix English (IRL)

Nils Politt going deep and WINNING !

Two nights ago, in Bremen, Nils Politt indicated yet again that he is a powerhouse on the rise, WINNING the Six Days alongside pal Kenny De Ketele – with a bang!
We talked to Nils about this experience and the significance of it:

ISN Media: Congrats, man.
Nils Politt: „Thanks. It was hard but very satisfying.“
ISN: Was it your first win on the track?
Politt: „Yes. I raced the Six Days twice before in 2015 and 2016, but this is my first win.“
ISN: We admit that we know very little about the Six Days concept. You might very well be our very first rider to take it on…
Nils: „It is indeed very different from your day to day road racing. You are racing every day full gas. You start at 8 pm and finish after midnight, and then you are expected to start six times every night with various disciplines of racing. From 500 meters to following a motorbike at full speed for 45 minutes, and also an Elimination round.“
ISN: It sounds like fun. In a funny way..,
Politt: „Actually, it is. But you’ve got to get used to it. I had a pretty hard time to get into the groove in the first two nights because your body is not ready going so deep, especially in the 45 minutes race in this early stage of the season. But I had a great partner with Kenny. He is very experienced, has already won 17 times. And after the second night, I was much more comfortable.”
ISN: And then that fear of being eliminated.
Politt: „Yes, it is stressful. But actually, we got stronger and stronger. We were holding onto second place in the first few days, but before the last evening, we were already moving into first, so it ended perfectly with that victory.“
ISN: It seems like you found a way to get into shape pretty early.
Nils: „I must admit that the first month of the season’s preparation went perfectly.
I had a great training camp in Israel, another one in Mallorca, then getting into a fast and deep mode in the Six Days which you can never do in training – and now I am about to start the final team training camp in Mallorca.“
ISN: Then it’s finally real-time road racing.
Nils: „Exactly. I will race two or three days to test my legs, so there you go. The season is almost here. I am definitely excited.“

hep Challenge Heilbronn powered by Audi: Neue Wechselzone für mehr Platz

Neue Wechselzone für mehr Platz
Preisvorteil bis 15. Januar 2020
Noch ist es ein knappes halbes Jahr, bis in Heilbronn der Startschuss für die nächste hep Challenge Heilbronn powered by Audi fällt. Mehr als 1.700 Athleten haben sich bereits für das Rennen #mitteninderstadt entschieden und sich angemeldet. Bis zum 15. Januar gelten auf allen Distanzen noch vergünstigte Preise.
Die Veranstalter Kai und Rik Sauser haben die Zeit nach dem Jubiläumsrennen wieder genutzt, um Feedbacks und Verbesserungsvorschläge durchzusehen und zu prüfen, was für die Athleten optimiert werden kann. Vielfach erwähnt war eine Entzerrung der Wechselzone und diesem Wunsch konnte nun mit einer komplett neuen Wechselzone entsprochen werden: zukünftig findet der Wechsel vom Schwimmen auf das Rad und vom Rad auf die Laufstrecke ein kleines Stückchen Neckar-aufwärts im Frankenstadion statt. Dort gibt es mehr Platz für den individuellen Wechselplatz und mehr Platz für die Wege in der Wechselzone.
Um die Wege der Sportler weiterhin kurz zu halten, wurde auch die Schwimmstrecke angepasst, nun wird erst flussabwärts Richtung Neckarinsel und dann zurück Richtung Stadion geschwommen. Neu ist damit auch Ein- und Ausstieg aus dem Wasser. In den beiden anderen Disziplinen wurde punktuell optimiert, aber die Strecken bleiben im Großen und Ganzen die gleichen wie im Jahr 2019. Es gibt also weiterhin auf der Laufstrecken eine 5 km-Runde für Sprint- und Olympische Distanz sowie einen 7 km-Kurs für die Starter der Challenge Mittel Distanz.
„Jedes Jahr arbeiten wir daran, den Wettkampf nach dem Credo der Challenge Family „All about the athlete“ noch weiter zu verbessern.“ so Kai Sauser. „Und wir freuen uns sehr, dass uns mit der neuen Wechselzone den Athleten endlich genügend Platz bieten können und die Wege mit und ohne Rad so weit wie nötig zu gestalten. Außerdem freuen wir uns, mit dem Frankenstadion für die nächsten Jahre Planungssicherheit zu haben.“
Meldungen zur hep Challenge Heilbronn powered by Audi sind noch bis 15. Mai 2020 möglich, vorbehaltlich eins vorzeitigen Erreichens der maximalen Teilnehmerzahl. Bis 15. Januar gilt noch ein ermäßigter Frühbucherpreis. Weitere Informationen und die Online-Anmeldung zur Veranstaltung stehen unter zur Verfügung.
Vielen Dank und sportliche Grüße,
Kai Sauser

Daniel Federspiel neuer österreichischer Staatsmeister im Rad Querfeldein 2020!

12. Januar 2020

Daniel Federspiel holt für Team Vorarlberg Santic den österreichischen Staatsmeistertitel im Rad Querfeldein in der Steiermark!

Die 59. Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft im Rad Querfeldein in Gutenberg (Steiermark) stand ganz im Zeichen von Daniel Federspiel. Bei besten Wetterbedingungen dominierte der zweifache MTB Eliminator Weltmeister die Konkurrenz mehr als deutlich. Auf dem technisch nicht einfach zu fahrenden Rundkurs brillierte er durch sein technisches Können und holte sich den ersten Staatsmeistertitel in dieser Disziplin. Nach 62 Minuten siegt er vor Philipp Heigl (Team Bikestore) und dem überraschend stark fahrenden Fabian Costa, welcher seit heuer für den Vorarlberger Club RV vor dem Arlberg fährt.

Daniel Federspiel: „Ich bin von Beginn an mein Tempo gefahren und dieses versucht immer etwas zu erhöhen. So hab ich meine Verfolger bis auf knapp drei Minuten auf Distanz gehalten. Ich freue mich super über diesen ersten Titel und fahr einfach wieder gerne Rad nach dem schwierigen letzten Jahr. Ein toller Start in diese Saison!“

Resultat Staatsmeisterschaft 12. Jänner:

Federspiel glänzt bereits am Samstag!
Bereits am Vortag zu den Meisterschaften war Daniel Federspiel nicht zu biegen. Der Imster gewann auf dem Meisterschaftskurs das letzte Rennen über 20,8 Kilometer im ÖRV Schwalbe Querfeldeincup mit über drei Minuten Vorsprung auf Fabian Costa (KTM Bike u. Run) und Philipp Heigl (Team Bikestore).
Es war Federspiels dritter Sieg innert sechs Tagen!

Resultat Gutenbergcross Samstag 11. Jänner:

Mitchelton-Scott dominiert australische Straßenmeisterschaft

1 Amanda Spratt (Aus) Mitchelton-Scott 2:57:59
2 Justine Barrow (Aus) Roxsolt Attaquer 0:00:01
3 Grace Brown (Aus) Mitchelton-Scott 0:00:11
Another masterful ride secured Amanda Spratt (Mitchelton-Scott) a third road nationals crown at the 2020 Federation University Road National Championships in Buninyong on Sunday.

Foto: Gerhard Plomitzer –

Spratt outfoxed surprise medallist Justine Barrow (Roxsolt Attaquer) on the home straight after the pair figured in the lead group for nearly the entirety of the race. Spratt’s teammate Grace Brown (Mitchelton-Scott) took bronze.
“This is just as special if not more special (than my first one), I owe this one to my team, they rode incredibly well,” said Spratt, 32, who added to her 2012 and 2016 victories.

The final day of the 2020 Federation University Road National Championships began with 78 riders setting out on the 104-kilometre race which took in nine laps of the infamous 11-kilometre Mt Buninyong course.
A crash on the opening lap brought down a group of riders including the highly favoured Tiffany Cromwell (Canyon SRAM Racing) and Lauren Kitchen (FDJ-Nouvelle Aquitaine). The group quickly fell more than two minutes off the peloton, effectively ending their day.
Mitchelton-Scott set the pace early at the front of the race before Brown launched a surprise attack on the third climb of the day which was answered by Spratt, with Barrow pouncing on the opportunity.
“We wanted to have a surprise tactic, normally everyone is waiting, waiting, so we thought why not turn it on its head and go on the third lap,” said Spratt. “We had Gracie Elvin riding really hard from the start and then Grace Brown launched an attack third time up the climb.
“When Justine came across, we were expecting more people but we thought ok, and knew we would have to go hard up the climb.”
Powered by Grace Brown, the trio quickly moved to a lead of nearly one minute on the peloton, before extending that gap to over two and a half minutes at the halfway point of the race. With a disorganised chase group heading a splintering field, the trio’s lead blew out to nearly six minutes by race end before Spratt held off Barrow in a sprint to the line, with Brown eleven seconds back.
“It was a dream race. It was a bit unusual I came in as the sole leader, but we had a solid plan and grateful for the team backing me and gold I could pull it off,” Spratt explained. “I owe a lot to Grace Brown, she annihilated herself for me so it was really pleasing to see Grace on the podium.
“Justine Barrow was very impressive, I tried to attack on the climb and I couldn’t get away from her. I felt confident if it came down to a sprint, but I think she had an incredible ride so I was very impressed, especially when she was matching me on the climb.”
It continues the career-best form from Spratt, who last September became the first Australian woman to win two career World Championship road race medals after winning bronze at the 2019 World Championships.
“I was so emotional over the line,” the Blue Mountains cyclist said.“I put so much work in and I did feel a lot of pressure today, so it’s also that pressure and that build-up of energy.
“I felt more nervous than I have in a while this morning. You just now you really, really, really want it, so just as special. It doesn’t get boring, put it that way.”
@Cycling Australia

Cameron Meyer (Mitchelton-Scott) finally won the elite men’s road race title at the 2020 Australian Road Championships in Buninyong, Victoria, on Sunday afternoon, having gone so close so many times before.

The Western Australian attacked just ahead of the final climb, shedding his rivals and soloing to an emotional victory, coming home almost a minute ahead of teammate Lucas Hamilton, with Marcus Culey (Team Sapura Cycling) – who’d spent much of the day at the front of the race in the main breakaway – taking the bronze medal ahead of WorldTour riders including Jay McCarthy (Bora-Hansgrohe), Nathan Haas (Cofidis) and Chris Harper (Jumbo-Visma).

ELITE Männer: Buninyong (185,6 km / 16x 11,6 km)
1. 10 Cameron MEYER 4h48:16
2. 11 Lucas HAMILTON +56
3. 77 Marcus CULEY +1:07
4. 9 Luke DURBRIDGE +1:10
5. 6 Jay MCCARTHY +1:10
6. 22 Nathan HAAS +1:10
7. 7 Chris HARPER +1:20
8. 14 Michael HEPBURN +1:52
9. 76 Brendan JOHNSTON +1:52
10. 19 Robert POWER +1:52

Maloja Pushbikers 2020

Wir setzen neue Schwerpunkte: Die Maloja Pushbikers werden im kommenden Jahr erstmals als Continental Team mit deutscher Lizenz starten. Mit der Verlagerung ins oberbayerische Holzkirchen wird gleichzeitig der Fokus auf junge, hochtalentierte Nachwuchsfahrer gesetzt. Bereits 2020 bestehen die Pushbikers zu mehr als der Hälfte aus U23 Fahrern. Ebenso wird die Präsenz der Mannschaft in Deutschland und Zentraleuropa ausgebaut.
Vor zwei Jahren hat der ehemalige Bahnradprofi Christian Grasmann damit begonnen, das Team der Maloja Pushbikers, das früher nur als Bahnradteam gestartet ist, breiter aufzustellen. Es folgte der Schritt zum Aufbau eines Profi-Straßenteams, zunächst in Kooperation mit dem seit vielen Jahren sehr erfolgreichen Grazer Kontinentalteam WSA Greenlife. Zu Beginn der letzten Saison wurde dann das Team von WSA Pushbikers zu „Maloja Pushbikers“ umbenannt. Allerdings startete man noch immer unter österreichischer Lizenz. Die Verlagerung des Straßenteams nach Holzkirchen ist jetzt der nächste konsequente Schritt, verbunden mit einer neuen strategischen Ausrichtung.

„Wir haben in den letzten beiden Jahren viel gelernt und dabei gespürt, dass wir mit unseren Ideen, ein Team zu führen, besonders junge Talente ansprechen“, erklärt Teamchef Christian Grasmann die neue Ausrichtung. Nicht zuletzt ein langes Gespräch mit dem Gründer und Teamchef des Worldteams Bora-Hansgrohe Ralph Denk hat den Ausschlag dafür gegeben, den Fokus künftige auf junge Nachwuchsfahrer im Alter zwischen 19 und 23 Jahren zu legen. „Die jungen Fahrer kommen in den großen Teams kaum zum Einsatz, sie brauchen aber Rennkilometer und eine gezielte Betreuung. Das ist beim Profiradsport nicht anders wie beim Fußball“, sagt Grasmann. „Genau das können wir mit den Maloja Pushbikers bieten, bevor die Fahrer dann möglicherweise den Schritt in die ganz großen Teams machen.“ Auf dem Rennkalender der Holzkirchener werden künftig wichtige Klassiker in Italien, Frankreich, Österreich, Schweiz und den Benelux Ländern stehen. Auch um einen Start bei der Deutschland-Rundfahrt will man sich bemühen. Das sind attraktive Rennen, in denen der Nachwuchs sich beweisen kann.

Einen entscheidenden Faktor sieht Grasmann auch in der Mischung mit einigen sehr erfahrenen Profis. Die sollen nicht nur Vorbild sein, sondern auch ihre Erfahrung an die Jungen weiter geben. Damit dies gelingt, hat man im Raum Bad Tölz für die Saison eigene Apartments fürs Team angemietet. So soll möglichst viel gemeinsam trainiert werden. Hinzu kommt die neue Anlaufstelle der Pushbikers in Holzkirchen mit Büro, Ladengeschäft und Cafe. Dort wird nicht nur Gemeinschaft gepflegt, es gibt auch ausreichend Raum für wissenschaftliche Vorträge und Methodik mit Unterstützung der medizinischen Leistungsdiagnostik. Letzteres will man künftig in Eigenregie gezielt einsetzen. Ein Setup, wie man es nur selten vorfindet bei Kontinentalteams.

Für die sportliche Leitung konnte mit dem Salzburger Rupert Hödlmoser (32) ein junger, talentierter Trainer gewonnen werden, der zuletzt beim Team Union Raiffeisen Radteam Tirol mit innovativen Ideen für Aufsehen sorgte.

Die Team- und Sponsorenpräsentation wird im Januar unmittelbar vor dem Start in die neue Saison erfolgen. Aber schon jetzt ist klar, dass das Team künftig nicht nur mit einer deutschen Lizenz ausgestattet ist, sondern auch überwiegend auf Nachwuchsfahrer aus der Region setzt. Von den 15 Profis, die bislang einen Vertrag für die neue Saison bekommen haben, stammen elf aus Deutschland, darunter sechs aus Bayern.
If you do it with passion, you will not lose.

Wir freuen uns auf neue Gesichter, neue Erfahrungen und ganz viel Radsport mit Herzblut.

Paris-Nice 2020: a place in the sun

Key points:
 For the 11th consecutive year, Paris-Nice will start in the Yvelines department. Plaisir, who hosting the event for the first time, follows on from Saint-Germain-en-Laye as the departure point for the Race to the Sun.
 As in 2018 when British rider Simon Yates triumphed, the pack on Paris-Nice will again be tackling the Colmiane climb, which is also included in the 2nd stage of the Tour de France 2020.
 For the 78th edition of Paris-Nice, Puget will be sponsoring the White Jersey for the best young rider. Furthermore, the brand will be joining the Tour de France as an official supplier.

Cycling can be seen as an exercise in style. Some specialize in specific roles, confident in a particular talent that they are able to put to good use in certain domains. Others who aspire to compete for the most prestigious honours must be allrounders. The latter will, once again, face a challenge that meets their expectations on Paris-Nice, from the start of the race in the suburbs of Paris, with a stage where the hills at the end of the race could pack a surprise. No offense to those who can’t stand cold weather, but the more conscientious riders may wish for a Flandrien-style climate at the start of the week. The freshness and gusts blowing during the crossing of the French Department of Loiret on the road to Chalette-sur-Loing, or in the plains of the Department of Cher to join La Châtre, could create ideal conditions to perfect the most delicate situations in strong winds. The Wednesday time-trial in Saint-Amand-Montrond, which is also known in France as the City of Gold will establish an already solid pecking order for the weekend.

Whilst the côte-Saint-André stage warrants serious caution for the teammates of the favourites, the stage on the following day in Vauclause will be even more unpredictable. Before the finish in Apt, a final 50 km circuit could scatter the field and jeopardize some riders’ positions in the GC. Those who come up short in this exercise will struggle on the final two stages, where the riders will be thinking of the upcoming Tour de France. The climb of the col de la Colmiane, where Simon Yates took the honours in 2018, will in fact be the first major challenge of the 2020 Grande Boucle, so each contender will have the motivation to find their bearings. However, the scenario, which went the way of Marc Soler two years ago, will dampen the enthusiasm of the yellow jersey. While the final stage has been completely changed, its potential remains the same. The climbs up the col de Porte, then the côte de Châteauneuf and côte d’Aspremont, will put the podium contenders in an awkward position. The final finish line, which will for the first time be in front of the Allianz Riviera, will be preceded by a winding descent where getting the trajectories right could be decisive.

 Paris-Nice 2020 stages

Sunday, March 8th, stage 1: Plaisir > Plaisir, 154 km
Monday, March 9th, stage 2: Chevreuse > Chalette-sur-Loing, 166,5 km
Tuesday, March 10th, stage 3: Chalette-sur-Loing > La Châtre, 212,5 km
Wednesday, March 11th, stage 4: Saint-Amand-Montrond > Saint-Amand-Montrond, 15,1 km (individual time trial)
Thursday, March 12th, stage 5: Gannat > La Côte-Saint-André, 227 km
Friday, March 13th, stage 6: Sorgues > Apt, 160,5 km
Saturday, March 14th, stage 7: Nice > Valdeblore La Colmiane, 166,5 km
Sunday, March 15th, stage 8: Nice > Nice, 113,5 km

 The 22 selected teams
In accordance with Union Cycliste Internationale rules, the following nineteen UCI WorldTeams are automatically invited to the race:

AG2R La Mondiale (Fra)
Astana Pro Team (Kaz)
Bahrain – McLaren (Brn)
Bora – Hansgrohe (Ger)
CCC Team (Pol)
Cofidis (Fra)
Deceuninck – Quick-Step (Bel)
EF Pro Cycling (Usa)
Groupama – FDJ (Fra)
Israel Start-Up Nation (Isr)
Lotto Soudal (Bel)
Mitchelton – Scott (Aus)
Movistar Team (Esp)
NTT Pro Cycling Team (Rsa)
Team Ineos (Gbr)
Team Jumbo – Visma (Ned)
Team Sunweb (Ger)
Trek – Segafredo (Usa)
UAE Team Emirates (Uae)

Furthermore, the Total Direct Energie Team, the leader in the 2019 classification of UCI ProTeams will take part by right in Paris-Nice 2020.
The organisers have invited the following teams:

Nippo Delko Provence (Fra)
Team Arkéa – Samsic (Fra)

After four superb initial editions, Paris-Nice Challenge will be back on Saturday 14th March, the day before the professionals reach the race’s finish. This cyclo-sportive that winds through the countryside around Nice is the first major event of the season. It offers amateur cyclists the opportunity of riding along the same route as the last stage of Paris-Nice, just 24 hours before the professional pack.
Information and registration on and


NTT Pro Cycling enters into partnership with Virtu Cycling

NTT Pro Cycling and Virtu Cycling have signed a letter of intent that sees the Danish business immediately acquire a minority share of the operational company of the South African cycling team.

The partnership is built on a shared vision to continue the development of the team along with its commitment to showcase the impact that bicycles have in changing people’s lives. It will also enable Virtu Cycling to further strengthen and develop its brand promise; to create unique cycling experiences.
NTT Pro Cycling has today announced that it has joined forces with Virtu Cycling, a Danish group of cycling-related activities, in a newly established partnership, effective immediately.

The parties have agreed a deal which sees Virtu Cycling invest in one third of the shares of the operational company behind NTT Pro Cycling. Together, the partners will seek to continue the development of the team from both a sporting and an organizational perspective, with a view to long term sustainability and success into the future.
This partnership naturally sees the continued commitment and support of the Qhubeka Charity, which incredibly distributed its 100 000th bicycle in 2019.

Virtu Cycling is co-owned by former Tour de France winner, Bjarne Riis, and businessmen and entrepreneurs, Lars Seier Christensen and Jan Bech Andersen.
Riis will take on the role as Team Manager of NTT Pro Cycling and will build on its sporting development, together with its sporting staff and the technology-driven approach to performance.
Bjarne Riis, Virtu Cycling co-owner and Team Manager, NTT Pro Cycling:
“This is a proud moment for our organization, Virtu Cycling, and I’m really excited by this partnership and its potential. Together, I believe we can develop one of the world’s best cycling teams built on being performance and technology-driven, combined with our many years of experience from the World Tour.
“We have had some thorough and fruitful talks and meetings with Doug Ryder on the team’s future and potential. I’m really looking forward to our collaboration and to take on the sporting leadership of the team in this new setup. I have nothing but admiration for what Doug has built and achieved with this team starting on continental level onwards to become a WorldTour-team, for his contribution to cycling and his work and support for the Qhubeka Charity. Together, I believe we can take the team to the next level and make it a team that everybody – riders and staff – want to be a part of.”

Douglas Ryder, founder and Team Principal, NTT Pro Cycling:
“Today is yet another significant moment in the history of this team, and indeed its future. The expertise and breadth of experience that Bjarne Riis will provide in supporting the sporting development through our unique technology-driven performance approach will be hugely significant, and further add on to what we have built with our title sponsor, NTT Ltd.”
“I believe this partnership will benefit the entire team to help them achieve great results which in turn helps shine a spotlight on our partners, our way of working as a team but most importantly our commitment in support of the Qhubeka Charity.
“Danish cycling is in a very strong place and this partnership, together with the foundation that we already have in place, I believe will help develop the team to become one of the best in the world in the years to come. That is our ambition.”
Anders Gram, Group CEO, Virtu Cycling:
“At Virtu Cycling, we have had talks and negotiations with other teams in terms of building a professional cycling team but decided to take the time needed to investigate our options thoroughly. As seen from our perspective, the potential in the partnership with NTT Pro Cycling and the match in philosophy was by far the most compelling to us and therefore the one, we chose.
“This partnership enables us to further develop our group of companies and to live our core story of creating unique cycling experiences, whether it’s traveling, business networking, or high-end apparel.”

Ruth Rowan, Global Chief Marketing Officer, NTT Ltd:
“We’re delighted to welcome Virtu Cycling to the fold. As title sponsor, we help NTT Pro Cycling leverage technological innovation, and combine it with athletic performance, to realize its ambition of being ranked among the top 10 cycling teams in the world. By working with world-class industry experts at Virtu Cycling, as well as a former Tour de France champion on the global cycling stage, we believe that together we will do great things. It’s an extremely exciting time for NTT Pro Cycling, as we all work towards achieving the one ultimate goal of creating a truly unique team that is focused on being among the best in the world, whilst riding to help make the world a better place.

About NTT Pro Cycling:
Founded in 2007, NTT Pro Cycling (formerly Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka) became the first-ever African cycling team to gain a WorldTour license, in 2016. With the support of our headline sponsor and technology innovation partner, NTT, we are the most purpose-driven, performance-led, and technology-enabled team in pro cycling today. Our ambition is to continue to race at the highest levels in world cycling, to develop riders to realise their full potential and to inspire and motivate people across the African continent to ride bicycles. We have offices in South Africa, Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy. We also ride to raise awareness for Qhubeka, a global charity operating in South Africa, through our #BicyclesChangeLives campaign. For more information:

About Virtu Cycling:
Virtu Cycling is a family of cycling lifestyle brands and companies. The portfolio counts the biggest cycling network in Denmark, Virtu Business Club, a travel agency, Virtu Travel, the bike clothing, equipment and gear company Virtu Cycling Gear and Virtu Villas – a Tuscan hotel Villa Pacini and boutique hotels in Mallorca. From today, Virtu Cycling is also a minority shareholder of the World Tour team NTT Pro Cycling and its development team. Through our heritage and attachment to pro cycling, we create unique cycling experiences. Former World Class rider and manager Bjarne Riis is part of the owner group together with Danish businessmen Lars Seier Christensen and Jan Bech Andersen. The Group CEO of Virtu Cycling is Anders Gram. For more information:

About NTT Ltd:
NTT Ltd. is a leading global technology services company. We partner with organizations around the world to shape and achieve outcomes through intelligent technology solutions. For us, intelligent means data-driven, connected, digital, and secure. As a global ICT provider, we employ more than 40,000 people in a diverse and dynamic workplace that spans 57 countries, trading in 73 countries and delivering services in over 200 countries. Together we enable the connected future.
Visit us at our new website:
About Qhubeka:
Qhubeka is a charity that moves people forward with bicycles. People earn bicycles through our programmes, improving their access to schools, clinics and jobs.
A bicycle is a tool that helps people to travel faster and further, and to carry more. In the face of extreme and persistent poverty, bicycles can change lives by helping to address socioeconomic challenges at the most basic level – helping people to get where they need to go.


The organisers of the Tour de France have chosen the teams that will take part in the 78th edition of Paris-Nice (March 8 – 15), the 72th edition of the Critérium du Dauphiné (May 31- June 7) and the 107th edition of the Tour de France (June 27- July 19).

In accordance with Union Cycliste Internationale rules, the following nineteen UCI WorldTeams are automatically invited to the race:

AG2R La Mondiale (Fra)
Astana Pro Team (Kaz)
Bahrain – McLaren (Brn)
Bora – Hansgrohe (Ger)
CCC Team (Pol)
Cofidis (Fra)
Deceuninck – Quick-Step (Bel)
EF Pro Cycling (Usa)
Groupama – FDJ (Fra)
Israel Start-Up Nation (Isr)
Lotto Soudal (Bel)
Mitchelton – Scott (Aus)
Movistar Team (Esp)
NTT Pro Cycling Team (Rsa)
Team Ineos (Gbr)
Team Jumbo – Visma (Ned)
Team Sunweb (Ger)
Trek – Segafredo (Usa)
UAE Team Emirates (Uae)

Furthermore, the Total Direct Energie Team, the leader in the 2019 classification of UCI ProTeams will take part by right in Paris-Nice and the Tour de France 2020.

The organisers have invited the following teams:

B&B Hôtels – Vital Concept (Fra)
Team Arkéa – Samsic (Fra)

Nippo Delko Provence (Fra)
Team Arkéa – Samsic (Fra)

B&B Hôtels – Vital Concept (Fra)
Circus – Wanty Gobert (Bel)
Team Arkéa – Samsic (Fra)