Stage 5 preview / Saint-Dié-des-Vosges > Colmar

Distance: 175.5 km
Climbs: 4
Points for the polka dot jersey: 14
Points for the green jersey: 50

Fictive start: 13:15
Real start: 13:25
Estimated finish: 17:24 – 17:48
Village opening: 10:15

Stage city for the 1st time, chef-lieu de canton of Vosges (88), 21 400 inhabitants (Déodatiens)

Saint-Dié-des-Vosges has already witnessed the passage of the pack’s greatest names, including those of the women’s pack during the Route de France in 2010. Dutch rider Marianne Vos triumphed ahead of her countrywoman Annemiek Van Vleuten.
It was in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges that the new continent “discovered” by Christopher Columbus took on the name of America in 1507. Having been ignored for a long time, the role of the town in the naming of America was finally established in 1875.

Stage city for the 8th time, prefecture of Haut-Rhin (68), 70 000 inhabitants (Colmariens), 135 000 inhabitants (Colmar Agglomeration)
Colmar and the Tour de France are synonymous with Roger Hassenforder. A native of Sausheim, in the suburbs of Mulhouse, “Hassen” was more or less the local rider for stages here. Blessed with an extraordinary attacking temperament, he won eight stages on Le Tour between 1953 and 1959.
The pedestrianised zone in Colmar’s old district, one of the biggest in Europe, allows visitors to admire the many gems of its remarkable heritage. Dating from the Middle Ages, the old town boasts superb examples of Gothic architecture, such as the Saint Martin Collegiate Church or the Dominican Church, which bear witness to a pure and sober art form.